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  • The European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC)

    Improving balloon and party safety through standards

    Our mission is to create a positive and sustainable
    environment to grow the industry.

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    The EBPC promotes best practice within the balloon and party industry, whilst providing a collective voice to represent its members on key activities relating to the industry.  In addition, the Council is a resource for its members, providing information on issues that arise within the EU, new directives and legislation.

    The strength of our association is evident through our members, EBPC members are:

    • Manufacturers of latex and foil balloons, party products and balloon accessories;
    • Distributors and importers of above;
    • Latex balloon printers; and
    • Helium gas companies.

Recent Press Releases

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    The rapid growth of the balloon and party industry has seen a rise in concern for safety and the environment. How do companies who have such a significant effect on…
The Code of Best Practice

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Our Core Values

  • The European Balloon and Party Council is an association that represents key players in the balloon and party industry in Europe. An Industry that is robust and highly competitive and showing signs of continued growth across Europe.

    EBPC’s core values are to:

    • Prioritise product safety and ethical manufacturing
    • Respect intellectual property rights
    • Encourage environmental sustainability
    • Promote best practices
    • Raise awareness of the positive role that balloons & party products play in society
    • Facilitate above to help the industry grow and prosper

Our Members

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