An overview of what we do 

We are Europe's leading voice representing all the key players in the balloon & party industry. Our members are made up of manufacturers, distributors and trade associations. As an industry that is robust and highly competitive, we are showing signs of continued growth since 2001. Our role is to deliver the promise of our core values throughout Europe on behalf of our members.

Our members provide small products with a big impact. When it comes to quality and safety - we are one step ahead in the latest technology, developments and industry affecting impacts as they unfold. Our intelligence and member collaboration empowers us to address these impacts through regulatory bodies using a collective voice and professional industry alliances.

Core Values
Best Practices Framework

There are thousands of products in the marketplace, for all ages, for all occasions, all over the world. Product quality can be a minefield with businesses always looking to become more competitive. There are many party products that are classed as toys within Europe and are manufactured under the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. The standards provide manufacturers with the strict guidance required to comply with the directive. In the case of toy products - the standard is EN71 - Safety of Toys.

The EN71 Toy Safety Standard is a requirement that all toys must meet. Products are classed as toys depending on how they are packaged, what their intended purpose is and the age group of the intended market.

Europe CEN, CENELEC & ETSI are the only 3 organisations who can create standards within Europe and has 497 technical committees specialising in different areas of industry.

The committee responsible for the Safety of Toys is TC52. EBPC are members of CEN and have experts contributing at all levels including Technical Committee TC52 Safety of Toys, Working Groups and Task Groups.

At these groups our experts contribute to the improvement of safety standards EN71 – Safety of Toys.