The party industry has 1000’s of products that cater for many different occasions. It can be quite difficult for consumers to understand whether products are intended for children. Most products have been established for many years, but occasionally, new products are released which may carry hidden dangers. There are many occasions for which the same products can be used.

Our members have a dedicated project team to provide guidance to the industry and surveillance authorities on classification of products. This ensures the industry is aligned in it’s thinking and safety, warnings and approach to classification.

We know it can make a big difference for new members when they join EBPC to have clarity and guidance on products which are in a ‘grey zone’. And since our projects are run by members, we are setting high standards for the industry.

Please take care and always read the instructions.

With thousands of products on the market, and many occasions where they can be used, ensure you read all the safety instructions and buy quality products that have the necessary safety tests undertaken. These products will usually carry a CE mark.

You should also take some time to consider whether the product is appropriate for the occasion since different occasions can affect different age groups of people and children.