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Value and benefit

More than 80% of all decisions in Europe on social (including consumer protection) and economic matters are made at EU level. Any company or association involved in the production, distribution, marketing or sale of balloon and party products should therefore be fully informed about all EU developments affecting the balloon and party industry. EBPC membership will ensure timely information about such developments in order to allow your company to take informed individual business decisions on how to accommodate legislative changes.

EBPC closely monitors and analyses current activities and initiatives in areas such as product safety and consumer health. We also help to predict future issues that could affect the balloon and party industry. Membership of the EBPC also demonstrates that you are a responsible manufacturer and stand for EBPC values, which include the establishment and enforcement of appropriate standards for product safety, ethical business practices and respect of intellectual property rights in the broadest sense.

Online Resources
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As a member of the EBPC - you can access practical tools to help grow your business. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Enhance your professional reputation
  • Receive all the latest European industry insights directly to your inbox
  • Participate in member surveys and review summary results
  • Voice your concerns & help shape the industry standards
  • Collaborate in discussions affecting your industry
  • Participate in the 'EBPC Code of Best Practice' programs
  • Receive a monthly industry specific newsletter
  • Annual networking with over 30 industry professionals
  • Gain access to our ‘members only’ website area where you can:
    • Access technical documents & industry reports
    • Review industry reports commissioned by the EBPC
    • Access historical newsletters & archive libraries

    In addition to these, every year you will recieve an exclusive invitation to our annual AGM in Nuremberg followed by a networking and drinks event where you will have the opportunity to meet all our members. We also work very closely with Toy Industries Europe (