General News Headlines October 2014

General News Headlines October 2014

Germany insists on keeping its own toy safety limits

At the very last minute, Germany has appealed the Court of Justice’s decision from last May, claiming their scientific evidence was not fully taken into account by the Court. The Commission may fight the appeal and they have just over two months to do so. The media coverage in Germany to date, has been fairly balanced.

ÖKO-TEST newest test on children articles continues to scaremonger consumers

In its August issue, German consumer publication ÖKO-TEST warns about the presence of PAHs in children’s articles (including toys). However, ÖKO-TEST again used limits that are much lower than those officially set by the new legislation. In fact, only one of the tested products exceeded the 0.5 mg/kg European future limit for PAHs in toys, which will enter into force in December 2015. Although this report has not been widely covered by German media, it has the potential to unnecessarily worry parents about product safety.

EU citizens want to know more about chemicals in everyday products

EU citizens would like more information about the health impact of chemicals used in everyday products, according to an EU survey on attitudes of citizens towards the environment. This came third on the list of environmental issues that Europeans are concerned about (43%, after air pollution with 56% and water pollution with 50%). The survey also indicated that 56% of Europeans think that the EU is not doing enough to protect the environment and 70% believe that their national government is not doing enough.