EBPC Code of Best Practice

Amongst our members we have a wealth of knowledge. In 2006, we organised a strategy to deliver some of that knowledge and expertise to consumers and our members.

In order to provide the correct output, we created a structured code of best practice governed by a framework, which is a reflection of our code of conduct.

Best practice programs are constantly evolving and benefiting our members. Programs for consumers and retailers will be dedicated through our Partysafe initiative.

Please visit the Partysafe website for more information on consumer and retailer programs.

What's the objective?

To educate and promote the FUN use of balloons and party products SAFELY, ETHICALLY and in RESPECT of the environment.

A Framework for achieving outcome

The framework identifies 5 core areas from our code of conduct - all programs are based on these 5 elements. Through the promotion of our framework - we faciliate industry growth positively whilst delivering our core values.

The Framework

Rolling out the Program


  • Direct documentation
  • Members only website


  • Direct through EBPC distributor members
  • Via Trade association


  • Via trade association members
  • Educate via website & social media
  • Via retailers